The award-winning TehGrifters™ is a preeminent, almost random group of top 3 business, law, arts and psychology school graduates, who love to spend their time in world-class bars, striptease-clubs and railway stations. While widely known for their overobsessive use of rude words at inappropriate occasions, they are in fact strong supporters of green-energy, gay-jokes and freedom of speech. With a cumulative internet-experience of over 23 years, it is broadly known that very few internet blogs can compete on their level of dedication and lack of taste. 

Although their unstoppable passion for 10$-vintage-photocams and underage children has led to considerable jail-time for several members, their multimillion profits from not-quite-legit you-could-think-of-it-as-a-business endeavours has given them the freedom to consider blog posting and ranting as a fulltime job. Confirmed sources cite that the idea for the blog has been born over several martinis on the private yacht of Roman Abramovich, however some members have refused to comment on such intimidating suggestions.
As can be seen in the content, apparently it is very clear to them that ultimately Freud was right, and all of man's actions can be explained through Sex and Aggression; a fact, they take great pride in. It has been said that the mission of the blog is to promote ‘alternative-smoking and -dressing’ (whatever that means), but when asked officially, the answer has been plain and straight-forward: Selfdestruction.

As can be guessed from the above, any legal job offers or positive feedback eMails will have little effect on the team, while any credit card information or bank wire transfers may yield an exponential increase in blog posts and otherwise useless, accidentally shot film tape scans.

Legal Disclaimer:  It has been clinically proven that some of the posts may be beneficial for the overall health, breast size and PH level of the user. Having said that, others may not be suitable for all audiences and lead to sudden outbursts of rage and/or high blood pressure. Several or all of the pictures have been anonymously sent in with AES-256bit algorithm encryption, which is scientifically proven to be quite tough or impossible to brute-force (that is what some pretty old guys with pretty white beards in nice suits and ties write anyway). 
There have been several complaints that some or all of the pictures have been anonymously stolen from other people’s harddrives or shoeboxes and/or have not been given proper credit – this may or may not be the case. It is obvious that most of the portrayed persons in the context were (and may still be) in a state of alcoholic delirium and were therefore not able to grasp the legal and artistic meaning and consequences of their actions. Therefore, it is entirely possible that the award-winning TehGrifters™ team does not give a damn fuck has absolutely no clue and takes no responsibility whatsoever about the origin and effect of their content.